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WhatsApp Motivational One Liners

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Whatsapp Motivational one liner 1:

    Failure is always temporary, only giving up makes it permanent.

Whatsapp Motivational one liner 2:

     Work hard in silence & let the success make noise.

Whatsapp Motivational one liner 3:

      One day I really want to say- I MADE IT.

Whatsapp Motivational one liner 4:

     “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Ryun

Whatsapp Motivational one liner 5:

     Work until you don't  have to introduce yourself 

Whatsapp Motivational one liner 6:

     "To shine like the sun, you need to burn like one."

Whatsapp Motivational one liner 7:

     Success is falling 9 times and getting up 10.

Whatsapp Motivational one liner 8:

     Defeat your enemies with your success.

Whatsapp Motivational one liner 9:

     Do it today or regret TOMORROW.

Whatsapp Motivational one liner 10:

     In order to success your desire to success should be greater than your fear of failure.

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

How to get Reliance Jio Barcode on Any Android Phone

Posted by Rohan
Reliance Jio is the latest trend that has turned everyone’s attention in India. It is an opportunity for users to experience the Jio True4G network. Using the Jio SIM, customers can benefit 3 months free access to unlimited 4G data. Jio has one rule- One device one Jio 4G SIM and so Jio has started giving barcode like code which is generated once you install the MyJio App on your device which is a Mirror of your IMEI number. This barcode can be generated only once and it has a time frame within which you will have to buy the Jio SIM after showing your barcode. 

 We all know that Reliance Jio has not yet launched its services for all, they have started with selected users like LYF phone and then they started giving the Jio SIM card to Samsung VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution) supported android devices. But now, there are techniques wherein you can use the Jio services for all types of android devices. Considering the speed and data, Reliance Jio is the best as of now. To get the reliance Jio SIM, you will have to first generate a barcode. This barcode when shown to the retailer, a new Jio SIM will be provided to you.

Downloading the MyJio App

To generate the barcode on any android device, start with downloading the MyJio app and follow the below step by step procedure:
  1. Download the MyJio app from the Playstore
  2. Now open the App and there you can see the Install All option
  3. Click on Install All and initiate the installation process
  4. Wait for few minutes and let all the 10 apps of MyJio get downloaded
  5. Once done, close the app and disconnect your internet connection whether it is Wi-Fi or Mobile Data
  6. Open the MyJio app and click on Open just beside MyJio
  7. After this, you will see “Get Jio Sim” option
  8. Clicking on this, you will finally see the barcode
  9. Once you get the barcode, visit your nearest Reliance Jio Store and show them the barcode for your free SIM card.
Sometimes, you may face problems in generating barcode on your mobile from the app. Follow the below trick to generate the Jio barcode:

  1. Open Jio’s official website and check if your handset is compatible or not.
  2. If yes, download the latest version of MyJio app from Playstore.
  3. Now find someone who uses a Jio SIM.
  4. Ask that person to share their Jio 4G net with you through hotspot.
  5. After you are connected to the Wi-Fi, open Settings Apps MyJio.
  6. Click on “Clear Data” and restart your mobile.
  7. Make sure your device is connected to the Wi- Fi after your phone switches on.
  8. Quickly open the MyJio app. You will notice that the banner at the top asking you to install all Jio apps will change to a new banner with the option - “Get Jio SIM” or “Get a SIM”.
  9. Click on it, fill in your details and you will receive an OTP.
  10. Type in that OTP and once done, a new page with the Barcode will appear.
  11. Take this to the nearest store with all the required documents and get your free SIM.
In some phones, the “Get Jio SIM” option is not visible. To deal with this issue, the following steps can help you in generating a barcode:
  1. Download Old MyJio 3.2.05 APK from the link:
  2. Now open the app, grant all permissions and install each app given on the home screen one by one.
  3. Turn off the mobile data/ Wi-Fi. Kill all the background apps.
  4. Now go to settings and clear MyJio app data and restart your device.
  5. When you open MyJio app, it will show you the “Get Jio SIM” option.
  6. Turn on the mobile net and click on this option.
  7. Generate the barcode and grab your free Reliance Jio SIM.
There is a possibility that your barcode will show as redeemed. The reason might be that one of your friends has used your IMEI number. When this Jio Barcode is linked with IMEI, an error comes up saying- “Barcode is already redeemed”.  It is recommended to generate the barcode only when you are ready to use the SIM. Generating it well in advance increases the risk of this barcode being used by others. 
There is another way to generate unlimited barcodes for Reliance Jio:
  1. Download IMEI changer app from Playstore.
  2. You can download any one among the several apps available.
  3. Click on ‘Allow’ every time it asks you for SuperSU permissions.
  4. Now change your IMEI to any Samsung 4G mobile’s IMEI.
  5. You can also use the following IMEI number: 35742207091XXXX if you don’t have any Samsung device. The XXXX can be replaced with any 4 digits.
  6. Save everything and restart your phone. When you open the MyJio app, you will find ‘Get Jio’ option this time.
  7. You can again change the IMEI number and repeat the same procedure if you want to generate unlimited barcodes.

In case you have lost your Jio barcode, uninstall the app and install it again. You should be able to see your old barcode. If this still doesn’t work, go to settings and clear app data. 
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Whatsapp Dare Games with Answers - Truth and Dare Messages 2017

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Whatsapp is the Cheapest and Easier way to stay in touch with Family, Friends and Relative. Today's youth is addicted to WhatsApp. Nowadays, There is a Craze of Whatsapp Dare Messages. I had also received many Whatsapp Truth and Dare Messages from my friends and sometimes I failed to Answer that. So, Here I am Sharing some Cool Whatsapp Messages with Answers for 2016 for your Friends, Gfs, Bfs and relative. Just Copy any of these messages and Send it to your Friends and Ask him/her Any Question and Dare them to Perform any Task. Do Check these Whatsapp Dare Games . Check Here to Know How to Play Truth And Dare Game

This is a great collection of Dare Games and I will keep adding such Interesting Messages of Whatsapp Truth and Dare Games. Keep checking this page for updates.

Whatsapp Messages Collection  :

1. Interesting Whatsapp Dare Questions to Ask

1. The first thing you notice in a person when you meet them first time.
2. Will you kill anyone if you get permission? If yes, Who is that person?
3. What is your crazy dream?
4. The quality you like the most in yourself?
5. The quality you’d like to change in yourself?
6. What do you like in me?
7. The thing you don’t like in me
8. On your interest, the person you like to marry.
9. Your Best Friend.
10. What is your opinion on me?
11. The most important person in your life?
12. My contact name in your phone.
13. The nick name you want to give me?
14. Things you like most in me?
15. Color that suits me?
16. Relation status you want to be with me? (No cheating)
17. The thing you like most in my character?
18. The thing you hate in my attitude?
19. Which type of dresses suits me most?
20. Dedicate a song for our relationship?
21. Rate my WhatsApp profile picture out of 100?

2. Alphabet Whatsapp Dare Message: Choose any from A to Z

A: Update your WhatsApp status as “I’m Mad”.
B: Send me a picture of your hands.
C: Flirt with me for next 15 minutes.
D: Recharge me for 100 Rs
E: Tell me the name of your crush.
F: Change your WhatsApp DP to my picture.
G: Say I Love You in a voice note.
H: Gift me a pair of shoes.
I: Propose me in your style.
J: Tell me a joke.
K: Send last 5 pictures from your camera roll.
M: Name of your Ex?
N: What is your relationship status.
O: Act as my Slave for next 10 days.
P: Don’t message me until you take a bath next time.
Q: Tell me one secret.
R: Describe our relationship with a movie name.
S: Sing a song and send it as a voice note.
T: What do you eat today?
U: What do you think about me when you met me for the very first time.
V: How much money do you have in your wallet now?
W: Say the Remaining balance in your mobile phone right now.
X: Send the screenshot of you phones home screen.
Y: Dance for 10 seconds and send me that video.
Z: Write “Geek” on left hand & show me when we meet next time.
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3. Number Whatsapp Dare message: Choose any Number from 1 to 54

1. Ask me out
2. Send me your cutest pic
3. Ice cream treat
4. What’s your deepest secret?
5. Make my picture your dp(profile pic) for 1 day
6. Delete my number
7. Write my name
8. Give me a treat
9. Put your status for a day saying “I am mad”
10. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me
11. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn't…
12. Call me and tell I LOVE YOU
13. Do a favor on me
14. What would u want our relation to be?
15. Be my slave for 2 days.
16. Call me and say my name in a loud voice!
17. write my name on your status saying You love me..!!
18. Send me your crush photo .
19. What change would you want in me?
20. Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!
21. Send me a picture of what your doing now.
22. Voice clip me saying I wanna love you !
23. tell me one thing you have never told anyone
24. what are your feelings about me?
25. Tell me a secret about you :D
26. Tell me a secret about your relationship?
27. Make our combined picture as your dp for 1 day
28. Send a voice note saying that you love me.
29. Seduce me to do something ;)
30. Write my name in Your status
31. make a dp of u and a guy with you.. But he should not be your bf.
32. Give me a treat
33. Send me your best friends number :p
34. Voice clip send me your gonna crazy
35. send a pic of your crush
36. Put your status for a day saying “I Miss You (My Name)"
37. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
38. Don’t talk to me for 1 day :O
39. Ask me out
40. Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you
41. What am I to you??
42. What’s your deepest secret? <3
43. Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice! (y)
44. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn't
45. How would you describe me?
46. be my slave for 2 days
47. Send me a picture of what your doing now.
48. Write your phone number in your status
49. Send me your favorite chaddi (shorts) pic :P
50. tell me one thing you have never told anyone B)
51. what’s on your mind
52. write ma name on your status saying You love me..!!
53. How do you find me ?
54. Send a pic of your legs.

Whatsapp Dare Question 4 - Alphabet Game for Whatsapp: Choose any Alphabet from A to Z. 

A. Write something good on me with my name as your status :D
B. Rs.100 recharge on my phone :P
C. What kind of relationship do you want with me now ?
D. Write a whatsapp status for me for next 24 hours !
E. What you like the most in me ?
F. Rate me as a friend from 1 to 10 :D
G. Rs.220 recharge on my phone :P
H. Call me and sing a song 4 me !
I. Tell me your relationship status-Single,Committed,Complicated,Engaged,Married,Divorced
J. Tell something which you don't like about me !
K. Tell me your boyfriend/girlfriend name.
L. Rate me in looks from 1 to 10
M. Write a whatsapp status for me for next 2 days :D
N. Make your status I Love You with my name
O. Share a secret with me !
P. Treat me a dinner !
Q. A habit or quality of mine that you don't like
R. In next  relationship, Would you like to have with me ?
S. Make my pic your dp (Display Pic) for next 24 hours
T. Buy one chocolate for me !
U. What is the name of your first crush ?
V. Treat me with a movie !
W. Like and comment on all my pics on Facebook :D
X. Tell me the name of your ex !
Y. Rs.60 recharge on my Phone
Z. Recharge net offer for me.

5. Whatsapp Dare Game for Friends: Choose any number from 1 to 30 

1. Date me
2. Ice cream treat
3. Send me your cutest pic
4. Give me treat next time
5. Hug me when you meet me next
6. Make my pic as your dp for whole day
7. Send a voice note saying you love me in 3 romantic way.
8. What would you want our relation to be?
9. Put your status for a day saying "I am mad"
10. Call me and say my name in a loud voice
11. Delete my number
12. Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!
13. what are your feelings about me?
14. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn't...
15. How do you want me to be?
16. How do you describe me at least six line
17. Rs 222 recharge to my mob
18. Treat me with a movie
19. Take me 4 a long drive
20. Dance on any song and send me the video
21. Send me a voice note saying you love me in 3 romantic ways.
22. Send a pic of your 1st  crush
23. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
24. Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you
25. What am I to you ?
26. What's your deepest secret? <3
27. be my 1 day bf or gf :P
28. Tell me something you always.  to say but you couldn't
29. Tell me 2 negative points about me that you hate the most
30. Send me a picture of what your doing now

Que 6.  Flirty Whatsapp Dare Game: Choose any number 1 to 20 

1❤ - Send a selfie of urs in d toilet.
2❤ - Make my name as ur status saying dat u want to marry me.
3❤ - send me I love u
4❤ - Sing ur fav song or dedicate a song to me as a voice clip.
5❤ - Send me a voice clip spkng about me atlst for 3mins
6❤ - tell me which brand under garments you wear
7❤ - do (20) pe h jo
8❤ - Be my gf/bf for 2 days!!
9❤ - Make a collage of our photos and make it as ur dp!
10❤ - Perform 1,20 and 8.
11❤ - Write i love u 958 tyms and send it to me!
12❤ - Pout and click a selfie of urs and make it ur dp!!
13❤ - send me kisses in voice clip
14❤ - Send me a voice clip saying dat u r suffering from loose motion and in d end make sound as if ur r farting!
15❤ - Flirt me!!
16❤ - click a shirtles pic and send it to me(fo boys) and fo grls make a funny hair stlye,click a pic and snd it to me
17❤ - do every thing
18❤ - Tell me whoz ur latest crush nd reason behind it
19❤ - click ur pic showing ur tongue lyk goddes kali and make it ur dp for 3 days. :p
20❤ - Keep my pic as ur dp wid a status saying- "baby i love u more n more"..Oh yes i love u!!!

Final Words: I hope you like above Whatsapp Dare Games(Whatsapp Messages Collection). Share this dare messages with your friends and dare them to perform any of the tasks as per their choice. It is a cool and Interesting way to Pass time on WhatsApp playing these Whatsapp Truth and Dare Games. Keep visiting us to get more such games.
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Whatsapp Wallpapers, Background Images HD for Whatsapp 2017

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Wallpaper or Background in the terms of computing is a digital Image, Picture used as a decorative graphic background of a screen of mobile or computer or any such digital device. Modern Phones allow its users to download beautiful wallpaper over the web and set it as a background of a mobile screen which makes the user interface look cooler and attractive. Whatsapp Messenger is the leading cross-platform chat client used by billions of people. I think I don't need to tell more about WhatsApp as all are aware of WhatsApp and uses it. Whatsapp allow its users to Change Whatsapp Wallpaper or Background of Chats. Yes, You can Change Background of Whatsapp Chats with your friends with attractive WhatsApp wallpapers.

Whatsapp Wallpapers make your Boring Chat Screen look attractive and Interesting.In this post, I will show you how to change your WhatsApp screen background and also share some cool Whatsapp Wallpapers.

How to Change Whatsapp Wallpaper?

Changing Background image of WhatsApp is very Simple. Just follow the below steps to easily change your Chat Background Image:
  1. Open Whatsapp Messenger and Open a Chat with one of your friend.
  2. Now you will See Three Dots at Top Right Corner of your chat screen, Just Tap it.
  3. A Menu Screen will appear, Choose Wallpaper Option from the menu.
  4. Now Choose Wallpaper from your Gallery and Set it as wallpaper 
       Make sure to Download Whatsapp Wallpaper first.

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Wallpapers for Whatsapp | Whatsapp Background

Here I am sharing a great collection of wallpapers for WhatsApp for you. I have collected this wallpapers from different sources over the Internet.

wallpaper for Whatsapp

wallpaper for Whatsapp

Whatsapp Wallpaper Background

Whatsapp Wallpaper HD

Whatsapp Wallpaper
Source: Pinterest

Awesome Collection of Wallpapers for Whatsapp. Check Here Whatsapp Wallpapers

Final Words: I hope you like these wallpapers for WhatsApp. I will Keep adding more Wallpapers. It si really a great way to make your chat screen attractive especially for those who spend a lot of time chatting with friends on WhatsApp. Join us on WhatsApp to receive updates on our Post directly to your Whatsapp. Don't forget to share our post on social media.
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Top 20 Love Status in Hindi for Whatsapp | Facebook

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A good Love Status will work like a charm for you if you are afraid to express your feelings for your love. Yes, Love Status for Whatsapp that too in Hindi will for sure Impress your Dream Girl or Boy.
Now the Question is that Where to Find the Best Status in Hindi for your Love? Don't Worry, I made this easy for my Readers. I have Compiled 100's of Hindi Whatsapp Status in this Single Post on Love Status in Hindi.

Now, Do the Remaining work and Just Copy the Best Status and Update it wherever you want like Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike or other Chat Clients. You can also send this amazing status directly to your friends. If you are Feeling Romantic then this post is for you. Keep Checking my Blog for Upcoming Updates on Romantic Status, Love Status for Whatsapp, Attitude Status in Hindi 2 Line, Funny Whatsapp Status in Hindi and Much More. Do Read Hindi Whatsapp Status

मेरी ज़िन्दगी में खुशियाँ तेरे बहाने से हैं .. आधी तुझे सताने से हैं … आधी तुझे मनाने से हैं …
धड़कनों को भी रास्ता दे दीजिये हुजूर,
आप तो पूरे दिल पर कब्जा किये बैठे है.
अपनी मुस्कुराहट को जरा काबू में रखिए,
दिल ए नादान कहीं इस पे शहीद ना हो जाए.
सुना है तुम ज़िद्दी बहुत हो,
मुझे भी अपनी जिद्द बना लो.!!
ज़िन्दगी बहुत ख़ूबसूरत है, सब कहते थे।
जिस दिन तुझे देखा, यकीन भी हो गया।
अगर बात ख्याल की करे तो बस इतना कहेगे,
तुम से जुड़ा हो तो हसीन और तुम्हारा हो तो बेहतरीन.
इतनी मनमानीयां भी अच्छी नही होती,
तुम सिर्फ अपने ही नहीं मेरे भी हो.
दिल का मौसम कभी तो खुशगवार हो जाये,एक पल को सही तुझे भी मुझसे प्यार हो जाये…
तुम्हारी दुनिया में हमारी चाहे कोई किमत ना हो ,मगर हमने हमारी दुनिया में तुम्हे रानी का दर्जा दे रखा है ..
मेरी ज़िन्दगी के “तालिबान” हो तुम
बेमक़सद तबाही मचा रखी है.
काश की उसको हम बचपन मे ही मांग लेते,
क्योंकि बचपन में
हर चीज मिल जाती थी तब दो आँसू बहाने से.
ये जो हलकी सी फ़िक्र करते हो न हमारी बस इसलिए हम बेफिक्र रहने लगे हैं।
मैंने तो देखा था बस एक नजर के खातिर,
क्या खबर थी की रग रग में समां जाओगे तुम.
ये तो इश्क़ का कोई लोकतंत्र नहीं होता,वरना रिश्वत दे के तुझे अपना बना लेते !!
जरा सी जगह छोड देना अपनी नीदो मै, क्योकि
आज रात तेरे ख्बाबो मै हमारा बसेरा होगा.
लगता है इक बार फिर मोहब्बत
हो ही जाएगी,
रात फिर खाव्ब में खुद को मरते देखा है.
कोई मुक़दमा ही कर दो हमारे सनम पर,
कम से कम हर पेशी पर दीदार तो हो जायेगा.
फिर ग़लतफैमियो में डाल दिया..
जाते हुए मुस्कुराना ज़रूरी था ?

Final Words:  These are Just Few Love Status for Whatsapp, I will keep Adding Best Whatsapp Status on Love in this Post, Just Bookmark this Post for Easy Access to the Best Whatsapp Message Collection. If you like my Effort, Give me a Second and Share my Post on any Social Site. 
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100+ Best Selfie Quotes | Funny Captions for Selfies 2016

Posted by True Love Images
Best Selfie Quotes Compiled in a Single Post. Just Pick the Relevant Caption for your Selfie and Update it as Caption for your Selfie. Are you a Selfie Addict? Do you Take Selfies more often?  Then this Post is for you. I had collected some Amazing and Good Selfie Quotes you love to update with your selfie.
A Good Caption for your Display Picture on Facebook, Whatsapp or Anywhere is a good way to Make your Profile Picture more pretty. But Finding a Good Selfie Caption is not an Easy Task. You have to Search for it and Choose the best from 1000's of captions.
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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Good Morning Images for Whatsapp Free Download | HD Images

Posted by True Love Images
Good Morning Friends. Start your Day by Whishing your near and dear ones by a simple and cute good morning quote. It makes you feel happy and bring a smile on the faces of your friends and family. Another Way to Kick Start your Day is by Updating your Whatsapp Dp with a Good Morning Image every morning with a nice good morning quotes as your Status for few hours. I have compiled some of the best HD Good Morning Images in this Post along with Good Morning Status for Whatsapp. Whatsapp is a great way to wish Good Morning, Good AfterNoon, Good Evening and Good Night to our Friends. In this Post, you will find Good Morning Images with Flowers, Gud Mrng Images for Lovers, Images with Quotes in High Definition Clarity.
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