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Whatsapp Wallpapers, Background Images HD for Whatsapp 2017

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Wallpaper or Background in the terms of computing is a digital Image, Picture used as a decorative graphic background of a screen of mobile or computer or any such digital device. Modern Phones allow its users to download beautiful wallpaper over the web and set it as a background of a mobile screen which makes the user interface look cooler and attractive. Whatsapp Messenger is the leading cross-platform chat client used by billions of people. I think I don't need to tell more about WhatsApp as all are aware of WhatsApp and uses it. Whatsapp allow its users to Change Whatsapp Wallpaper or Background of Chats. Yes, You can Change Background of Whatsapp Chats with your friends with attractive WhatsApp wallpapers.

Whatsapp Wallpapers make your Boring Chat Screen look attractive and Interesting.In this post, I will show you how to change your WhatsApp screen background and also share some cool Whatsapp Wallpapers.

How to Change Whatsapp Wallpaper?

Changing Background image of WhatsApp is very Simple. Just follow the below steps to easily change your Chat Background Image:
  1. Open Whatsapp Messenger and Open a Chat with one of your friend.
  2. Now you will See Three Dots at Top Right Corner of your chat screen, Just Tap it.
  3. A Menu Screen will appear, Choose Wallpaper Option from the menu.
  4. Now Choose Wallpaper from your Gallery and Set it as wallpaper 
       Make sure to Download Whatsapp Wallpaper first.

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Wallpapers for Whatsapp | Whatsapp Background

Here I am sharing a great collection of wallpapers for WhatsApp for you. I have collected this wallpapers from different sources over the Internet.

wallpaper for Whatsapp

wallpaper for Whatsapp

Whatsapp Wallpaper Background

Whatsapp Wallpaper HD

Whatsapp Wallpaper
Source: Pinterest

Awesome Collection of Wallpapers for Whatsapp. Check Here Whatsapp Wallpapers

Final Words: I hope you like these wallpapers for WhatsApp. I will Keep adding more Wallpapers. It si really a great way to make your chat screen attractive especially for those who spend a lot of time chatting with friends on WhatsApp. Join us on WhatsApp to receive updates on our Post directly to your Whatsapp. Don't forget to share our post on social media.


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