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Invite all friends to like Facebook page in single click

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Facebook is the largest social media which enables us get socialized and Interact with our friends worldwide. Creating a Facebook Page is very effective social strategy for the growth of a business. Their are many reasons for creating a Facebook page like Branding the business , Reaching more potential customers , Entertainment etc . Creating Facebook Page is very easy but growing the page and getting likes on facebook page is not an easy task. You can get likes by promoting your page or simply by inviting your facebook friends to like your facebook page .

Facebook let you Invite your friends but you have to invite every friend individually which is a time-killer process and takes a lot of time for inviting each friends . For example : If you have 5000 friends in your friend list , so you have to click invite button 5000 times to invite all your friends .
So , Here I am sharing a trick or you can say a method by which you can invite all your friends in a single click . Do Read: Best Whatsapp Dare Games

Invite all friends in a single click chrome extension 

1.First step is to Install a Chrome Extension in your Chrome Browser .
Note: It is assumed that you already own a facebook page and have chrome browser installed in your system

                              Download Chrome Extension

2. A Small Tick Like Icon will appear in your browser URL bar like below screenshot .

    Note: The Icon will appear only when you Open facebook in your browser

3.  Now Login to your Facebook Account and Go to the page on which you want to invite friends .

4. Click on Invite Friends to Like page  , a popup will appear . Click On the Tick Icon (Chrome Extension)

5. Done , You have Invited All your Friends to like your facebook page in a single click

Final Words: This Chrome Extension to Invite all your Friends to like your Facebook page is very useful and time efficient. I hope you like this post. Please help us by sharing us. Hit Share button to support us.
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