Thursday 24 March 2016

PD Proxy Premium Account/Free Account Download 2016

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PD-Proxy is a great tool which by encrypting your connection to the Internet makes your Internet Connection Secure and let you enjoy safe and secure browsing. Some websites are limited to a specific country, and you can't access them because of this restriction. But PD proxy let you access all the blocked websites and content easily by creating a VPN( Virtual Private Network). It has both Free and Premium version. Premium version of PD proxy let you surf anonymously for unlimited time whereas the free version of PD proxy is limited to 100 MB.

PD proxy creates a VPN, which makes you anonymous on the internet which means nobody can spy on you or can trace you. It changes your IP address and Location and Encrypt all your Connection which makes your Connection secure. It can make you safe and nobody can see what you are searching and which sites you are visiting. PD-Proxy Offers Free as well as Premium Account.

How to Get PD Proxy Free/Premium Account?

1. Visit PD-proxy Site and Create a New Account. Visit Site
    Create a Username and Password.
2. Download and Install PD-proxy Software. Download Here
3. After Successful Installation, Open it and Press Connect
    Wait Until it Connects.
4. Once Connected, Enjoy Safe and Secure Browsing.

To get PD Proxy Premium account head over to this Page Premium Account for PD Proxy 

How PD-Proxy(VPN) Works?

1. What VPN Do is that it creates a Hole in your Firewall which let you access all the services you need to access.
2. It Secures your Connection so that nobody can trace you or monitor your activity on The Internet.
3. By Encrypting your Connection, PD-proxy let you access all the blocked websites which are blocked by your ISP or Restricted to your Country.

Why should you Use VPN?

1. It Secures your Wireless Connection 
  If you are accessing The Internet from Public Wifi or Open Wifi, then your Connection can be easily Monitored. And It is very Easy to hack into your Connection using Tools available Online. But Using PD proxy you can encrypt your connection so that no one can monitor it and hence makes it hard or Impossible to Hack.

2. It Hides your IP address
   PD-Proxy by Hiding your IP address makes it impossible for a hacker to track your Location or find your Ip Address.

3. View Blocked Content
   You can have full access to blocked content that you can not access on your Internet Connection. PD-Proxy Open that Blocked Content for that and let you access it

If your Browing is less than you can go for a free version of PD proxy which allows you anonymous surfing for up to 100 MB. By Upgrading to Premium Account, you can access it for Unlimited Bandwidth and Can connect to all servers.

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Final Words: First Give a try to Pd proxy by signing up for a trial version. If you Like it only, then go for a premium account. Help us by spreading our Words. Give us a share on Any Social Media.


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