Wednesday 6 January 2016

How Facebook Autolike Trick Works and Why Should you Stop using it?

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Facebook Autolike Trick is very famous among FB Users and Many Facebook Users are using this trick to get free unlimited likes on their Profile Photos. But Many Facebook users are still not aware of these Autolike Tricks and Autolike Sites. So Read the Full Post to Clearly Understand What is Facebook Autolike Trick and How it Works? 

It is not a Trick, its Just a method of getting likes on any facebook photo or status you update on facebook. Some people Uses Fb Autolike Trick just to Impress their Friends by showing thousand of Likes on their Profile Pic(dp) or Status. You Might have seen some facebook profiles having only hundred of friends but likes on their profile Photo and Status are in thousand.Some of them uses these autolikes sites to get free fakes likes on their dp.

How Autolike Facebook Trick Works? 

It is not a difficult task, you can get a large number of fake likes easily using Facebook Autolike Sites. Finding the best and Working Fb Autolike Site is not so easy. you have to give a try to many sites for finding the best and that is working and giving likes. But Now, Many of such sites are just scaming users account.To get likes, you have to go to any facebook autolike site an grant it to access your facebook account to get the Token. Getting token for autolike site is only task you have to do. Autolike Sites uses these tokens to provide you free likes by getting access to your account. After that, Choose the status or photo on which you want to get Likes. Wait for few minutes and you will see likes on your photo Increasing.

But you should stop using these autolike trick Right Now.
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Why you must stop using these sites to get likes? 

Facebook is very Active and respond to scams immediately. Some Autolikes Sites scams on facebookusing other's account which is against facebook policies. That is why Facebook is blocking those accounts that are using these fb autolike sites to get likes. So Stop using autolike to:

  • Avoid any Activity that can cause you harm.
  • Avoid getting blocked on Facebook. 
  • Avoid getting fake friend requests. 
  • and to keep you Facebook Account clean and secure. 

Final Words: I hope this post clears all your doubt related to autolike sites and tricks. I recommend you to stop and don't try to use these tricks. Many Person get their account blocked because of using facebook autolike trick. Join us on Whatsapp. Message us at 8529977033 to join now. 


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